Digital & Smart

Seamless integration of digital technologies into crop and livestock management and other processes in agriculture will enable NANO to develop apps with specific functions, real-time decision making, and expand the field of predictive agriculture.


The use of our NANO agriculture technology, or NANO -AgTech, to integrate agricultural production from Farm to Table. These technologies can provide the Agricultural/Horticulture industry with the tools and information to make more informed decisions and improve productivity.

  • automated hardware and software

  • autonomous vehicles

  • drones 

  • GIS software and GPS agriculture

  • Satellite imagery

  • robotics

  • sensors

  • soil sampling 

  • telematics


Agriculture analytics from SAS, with embedded AI, helps you extract valuable insights that can lead to better plant and animal health, crop yields, sustainable practices and more.

Our NANO Data science can provide actionable insights to farmers' on what to plant when to plant, and what farm practices to deploy. Making well-informed decisions could save costs and enhance a farmer's profitability and income.

A predictive farming platform embraces three major groups of data including weather, soil, and crop health through the use of remote and embedded sensors, and drones.


Four benefits created by this technology are:

1. Crop yield prediction

Better crop yield predictions based on data measuring soil condition and water absorption levels, weather, and diseases as well as other factors related to crop growth.

2. Crop management

Better crop management, which helps farmers reach productivity targets through the automatization of applying water, fertilizers, and other chemicals, ensuring proper inputs based on the soil and crop needs.

3. Crop recommendations

Crop recommendations can be made based on market demand and economic factors, cost, and returns. 

4. Crop insurance

The use of crop yield data aids financial institutions in pinpointing agricultural interest rates by considering market demand vs. crop yields.

Farmer control weather station via mobile app. Precision and smart farming equipment.jpg


NANO is here to help answer some of the most difficult questions farmers face. NANO can assist them with predicting climate, decrease the use of water, increase yields and farmers with their net profit margins. by using our NANO data we can give farmers the information they need to succeed and create high-quality, desirable crops.

Farmer control weather station via mobile app. Precision and smart farming equipment.jpg